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Trustworthy Information Handbook

The South Carolina Electronic Records Guidelines and Trustworthy Information Systems handbook (TIS) is an adaptation of the Minnesota Electronic Records Guidelines and TIS Handbook which was produced by the State Archives Department of the Minnesota Historical Society. This endeavor by the South Carolina Department of Archives and History (SCDAH) stems from consultant Timothy Slavin's 1999 report and his recommendations to address challenges confronting the Department with the escalation of electronic recordkeeping throughout state and local government in South Carolina.

The SCDAH acknowledges the support of the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) for providing the grant to develop statewide Electronic Records Guidelines including the TIS Handbook.

The SCDAH would also like to acknowledge and thank Robert Horton, Minnesota State Archivist, for his effort and advice to us.

The South Carolina Department of Archives and History in conjunction with the State Government Records Advisory Council has developed a set of criteria to help you create and maintain trustworthy information systems.

Why would you want to use the TIS?

The Trustworthy Information System Handbook can help verify that a system produces information and records which are authentic, reliable, and have integrity.
Reliable and authentic government information and records are extremely important for these reasons:
• They facilitate government business
• They demonstrate government accountability
• They serve as evidence of government activity for current and future users of the information.

The TIS Handbook is in three parts in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  There are links within each file to help you navigate better.
• Table of Contents, Part 1 - Introduction, and Part 2 - TIS Criteria
• Part 3 - TIS Criteria Checklist
• Appendices
o Glossary
o Bibliography
o Citation
o Background Information
o Methodology
o South Carolina Laws and policies
o Legal Issues